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Service Technician Training Certification Course

Regional First Aid has been providing First aid cabinet refill and maintenance services as well as Portable, Plumb & Bottle unit Eyewash station onsite services to businesses throughout the nation for the past 25 years. Our team has the privilege of working with very large companies all throughout the nation such as Coca-Cola, Mission Foods, Kraft Foods, Anheuser Busch etc. 

 The Regional First Aid & Eyewash station onsite program was designed to provide not only medical products to our customers but much more importantly compliance regulation from government agencies such as OSHA, CUPA and the FDA. What differentiates or program from the competition is our ability to provide product usage tracking and budget control as well as provide a multi-location uniformity when it come to our onsite service programs. All of our representatives are trained to ensure that when leaving a customer’s facility, all of their First Aid cabinets and Eyewash stations will be in compliance and ready for when an audit arises.  

As a Regional First Aid representative, proper training is extremely important. Your training will be broken down into 6 different categories.  

  1. Product Knowledge – First Aid & Eyewash 
  2. Onsite field training procedures for First Aid Cabinet & Eyewash Station servicing 
  3. Billing & Contract product entry formats and procedure field training for tablet use
  4. Inventory control procedures 
  5. Customer facility onsite procedures
  6. Dispatch Department procedures

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of training which will be required for employment with Regional First Aid – United Safety Services Corporation.