First Aid Cabinet & AED

Onsite Service Programs

Regional First Aid’s onsite service programs are designed to keep your company’s First aid cabinets, AED units, and Blood borne Pathogen kits always in compliance.

Our certified representatives will inform you whether your company will need an ANSI/ISEA Class A or Class B product content group in your company’s First aid kits for OSHA compliance.

Ensuring you’re always in compliance

Regional First Aid will provide the OSHA required First aid cabinet set content list and Physicians letter of approval for all of your first aid cabinets onsite. This is one of the many measures that we here at Regional first Aid take to ensure that you are always in full compliance.

Products for your company’s needs

Regional First Aid offers a wide range of products to suite your company’s specific needs. From name brand Medications such as Tylenol, Advil and Motrin to a full line of generic products such as Triple Antibiotic Ointments, Hydrocortisone and Alcohol preparation pads. We carry First aid products for every industry including Blue Metal Detectable Bandages for the food manufactures to Water Gel brand burn related items for the hi-heat industries.

AED Servicing & Maintenance

Regional First Aid’s trained technicians work with many different types of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) units. They are extremely well versed in knowing how to service and maintain your onsite AED unit regardless of the device brand you may carry.

Bloodborne Pathogen Kit Maintenance and Disposal Services

With Regional First Aid’s Blood borne pathogen onsite service program, dealing with bodily fluid clean ups are easy. Regional First Aid with teach your Safety response team the proper ways to clean up Blood, Vomit and other related contaminates. Our Blood borne pathogen kits come complete with everything that your team will need to complete the task at hand when it arises.